How to Resolve an AOE AttackEdit

Note: you can check LOS at any time, including before declaring the attack, but you *must* check it after declaring.

Ambiguities in below flowchart:

  • Attacks do not automatically miss if the target has stealth, because you may have a way to ignore stealth, such as being less than 5" from the target or having blindsight. Further, any attack which automatically hits will hit despite stealth (much like you may also skip the step where you roll to hit, if this is the case).
  • After picking a new target, you must check LOS again.


Scatter vs Base SizeEdit

The table below lists the maximum scatter of an AOE of the listed size to still nick the base of the listed size, assuming the target was in range (i.e. deviation occurs from the center of the base).

Base Size

3" AOE 4" AOE 5" AOE
Small 2.09 2.59 3.09
Medium 2.29 2.79 3.29
Large 2.48 2.98 3.48
Huge 3.86 4.36 4.86

The basic arithmetic needed is the radius of the base + the radius of the aoe - a scattering aoe trying to leave a base behind must first move its own center the radius of the base to the base edge, then its own radius away to mode the edges to just touching. Numbers are rounded to the nearest hundredth of an inch, under the assumption that your ruler isn't good enough for you to need more precision.